Marriage and Separation with Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren was brought into limelight the moment she started dating then Golf champion Tiger Woods. She first met him at the 2001 British Open. She was not of any interest in golf or golfers. But she was working with Swedish professional golfer Jesper Parnevik as ‘nanny’ to his four children.  In the beginning it seems that Elin was slow to Woods move towards her. As first few requests were turned down by Nordegren.  Finally Tiger managed to won her over.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods wedding
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods on Thursday, 7th October 2004 the wedding ceremony

Elin made her first public appearance with Tiger Woods at the PGA tour of Bay Hill Invitational in Orlando, Florida in 2002. This made press attention and following them. Every time the couple’s any move together kindled everyone’s attention.. Later on the couple spend time together in Sweden during Christmas same year. Though press people curious to raise questions about their courtship, both Woods and Nordegren avoid to answer them.

Elin Nordegren with  Tiger Woods wedding
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods, the happy newly weds

Their relationship remained a mystery. “When she started dating Tiger, it was like there was an unwritten agreement she wouldn’t say anything to anyone. She’s still nice, but when you talk to her, you don’t get anything out of her,” one golfer” one fellow golfer said.

Elin Nordegren with  Tiger Woods wedding ceremony
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods wedding ceremony

In November 2003, during the tour of South African game reserve, Woods proposed her for marriage. Elin accepted,

On Thursday, 7th October 2004 the wedding ceremony was held at the Sandy Lane resort in Caribbean island of Barbados. Selected friends of the couple along with celebrities like U.S. basketball stars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and American talk-show host and media entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey are present during wedding.

Elin Nordegren  and Tiger Woods blessed with their first child in 2007. They named their daughter as ‘Sam Alexis.’ Their family started to grow further by arrival of their son ‘Charlie Axel’ in February 2009.

The couple Elin Nordegren with  Tiger Woods
Elin Nordegren with Tiger Woods after their wedding.

Until the Woods infidelity stories broke out, Elin Nordegren’s life was  happy and smooth. After this ugly discovery her married life take a  backtrack and started fall apart.

Elin started the legal formalities for separation. Same year – in August 2010 – the couples divorce rituals was done by the court and Elin Nordegren was awarded children custody and received around $750 Million as settlement – presumably as largest settlement in American history.

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